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Monday Morning Pipeline News

Just trying to figure out how to keep up with all the pipeline developments in a way that’s useful for blog readers but manageable for me as blog editor. Even though the next big event is next Monday’s Borough Council meeting (April 1, 7:30 p.m. at 243 South Allen – Borough Building), this process will unfold well beyond next week on several fronts.

I’m planning to add a regularly scheduled feature called “Monday Morning Pipeline News” which would come out (surprise!) weekly on Monday mornings. Each post would also be tagged in the category “‘PSU Renewables Conversion – Phase 1” so readers could click that hyperlink and get back issues easily.

Each update will be organized by issue area:

  • Engineering – Including proposed renewable designs (geothermal, solar, co-generation etc.); documents related to designs previously considered by Penn State staff and administrators; documents related to construction plans for the proposed pipeline and other technical information.
  • Litigation – Including lawsuits filed by State College residents against the Borough government; by State College residents against Penn State; by residents against Columbia Gas, by Columbia Gas against the Borough, by Penn State against the Borough, by Penn State students against Penn State administrators, by Penn State faculty and staff against Penn State administrators, and any other parties and permutations that emerge. Also including injunctions, court orders and contract details collected as we learn more about which entities have promised which goods and services to which other entities through which legal instruments.
  • Citizen Action – Including meeting announcements and reports, fundraisers, petitions, call-in campaigns, strikes, sit-ins, volunteer recruitment and management, opinion-pieces and other topics related to people-power.
  • Official Action – Including motions, votes and public statements by Borough and Penn State governing bodies  and individuals.
  • Media – Including news articles published during the previous week, press releases and advertisements, supporter updates sent by community organizers to residents and other campaign participants.

So…If you have information that you want distributed and archived through this channel, please send it to me no later than 6 p.m. every Sunday. I’ll be compiling the information to post by noon each Monday.


P.S. – One small tidbit gleaned today: the Borough of State College has apparently hired an oil-and-gas-industry affiliated expert – at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars $13,000 – to present pipeline design information on Monday evening on behalf of the Council. This would be in addition to the engineers and other professionals who will be speaking directly on behalf of Columbia Gas, NiSource and Penn State.


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One thought on “Monday Morning Pipeline News

  1. Liz Grove on said:

    Thank you for writing about this important issue.

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