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Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

AJ Sulkowski Email to Amy Kerner on March 15, 2013

Susan Venegoni and I spent another three hours at the Borough building today, sifting through public documents related to the Columbia Gas/PSU pipeline project. We’re working on organizing them for posting.

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from an email sent by AJ Sulkowski, NiSource Construction Manager, to Borough Engineer Amy Kerner on March 15, 2013 (3.15.13 Sulkowski to Kerner):

“…With respect to [Public Works Director] Mark [Whitfield]’s comment about not having to perform work in the roadways that are being overlaid for 10 years that he mentioned at both meeting, I just wanted you to be aware that since this will most likely be considered a transmission class pipe line the PUC could request Columbia to di[g] up a section to verify the wall thickness with in a few years. I am meeting with the PUC on Tuesday and will try to address this issue by testing the pipe at a higher pressure that should make allow it to have a waiver of this policy for 10-15 years. I will let you know after the meeting with the PUC. I just want to be up front about everything!!”

Numerous corporate representatives and borough officials are on the record – in written presentations to the public, in emails and in oral presentations at public meetings, insisting that the proposed pipeline is a “distribution” line.


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