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Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Drafting the October 25 Agenda

(For correspondents’ job titles, please see the “Who’s Who” section at the Right-to-Know page.)

October 11, 2012 – Rob Cooper Email to AJ Sulkowski, Doug Nusbaum, Russ Bedell, Tom Fountaine, Mark Whitfield, R. Hollin, Alex Novak, Lisa Powers, Donna Newburg

“Our upper administration met with the Mayor of State College yesterday to discuss our WCSP project including the new gas service. The Mayor suggested that we meet with the affected landowners along the route of the new gas line before the November BOT meeting so they are not blindsided.  We agreed.

I think that we need to put a PR team together to prepare and then present to this group.  Reps from the Borough, Penn State and Columbia should be on this team. I believe that Columbia should lead this effort since this is their project, but we would all assist. If you agree, please let me know who would represent your respective organizations and we will work on scheduling the meeting with the Highland neighborhood as well as some working sessions to get ready.”

Email thread includes:

  • October 11 Peg Hambrick Email to Elizabeth Goreham and Theresa Lafer
  • October 11 Elizabeth Goreham Email to David Gray, Ford Stryker, Tom Fountaine, Sharon Ergler and Donald Hahn
  • October 11 Ford Stryker Email to Alex Novak, Rob Cooper, Madeline Cantu, Michael DiRaimo, Dan Sieminski
  • October 11 Alex Novak Email to Ford Stryker, Rob Cooper, Madeline Cantu, Michael DiRaimo, Dan Sieminksi, Russ Bedell and Lisa Powers

October 25, 2012 – Mark Whitfield Email to Rob Cooper & PR Team

“I have put this agenda together for tonights meeting. Let me know if it is okay. Thanks.”

10.25.12 Whitfield Draft Agenda, including bullet points for “Regulations” and “Gas Service.”

October 25, 2012 – Rob Cooper Email to Mark Whitfield, Alex Novak, Lisa Powers, Russ Bedell, R. Hollin, Paul Ruskin, Amy Kerner and Madeline Cantu

“My edits attached. I’ll make sure slide 2 matches this agenda.”

10.25.13 Cooper Revised Agenda, deleting bullet points for “Regulations” and “Gas Service.”

December 10-11, 2012 – Mark Whitfield and George Arnold Emails

George Arnold:

“Just wanted to check in to see if you heard anything regarding the PSU Trustees voting on the power plant transitioning from Coal to Natural gas?”

Mark Whitfield:

“Yes, the BOT approved the project and it is moving forward. Columbia is working on a schedule at the moment. FYI – there has been some pushback from residents on Prospect who do not want the line installed in their street. I don’t think it will have any traction, but the fall back location would be College Avenue. It is not my desire to use College, but I just want to alert you and don’t want you to be blindsided if Council gets involved and pushes for a different route.”

George Arnold:

“Thank you Mark. Hopefully College Ave. will be off the table.”


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