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Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Penn State Notification of State and Federal Legislators

(For correspondents’ job titles, please see the “Who’s Who” section at the Right-to-Know page.)

October 26, 2012 – Rob Cooper Email to Mark Whitfield, Alex Novak, Lisa Powers, Russ Bedell and Ford Stryker, regarding resident discussion of a possible Harrisburg meeting at which safety concerns were raised:

“…We did make a presentation to elected officials (Corman, Benninghoff, rep[resentative] from [Congressman Glenn] Thompson) here in State College about 2 weeks ago.  We informed them about our coal to gas conversion project, as well as the gasline project including the route. Just like last night, we discussed why the selected route went through the Boro.  There was no discussion about the installation being unsafe…”

October 26, 2012 – Mark Whitfield Email to Resident regarding resident discussion of a Harrisburg meeting at which safety concerns were raised:

“I asked Rob Cooper about a meeting in Harrisburg with government officials.  He said there have been no presentations in Harrisburg on this project.  He did tell me that there was a meeting 2 weeks ago here in State College with Senator Corman, Rep. Benninghoff, and a representative from Glenn Thompson’s office about the project, but there was no question about the line’s safety.

[You wrote that] “After the [October 25 informational] meeting my neighbor […] told me she’d heard that this plan had been presented at some gov’t meeting in Harrisburg and there the question was raised as to why they don’t route this line through campus.  The response, from what she understands, was that it wouldn’t be safe.”

my guess is that if this was actually the question, the safety aspect had more to do with INSTALLING the gas line being unsafe, or the requirement of “separation of utilities” (where you need to have a gas line so many feet away from another utility) was an issue, or the installation in and around steam tunnels was a safety issue.   As far as the actual line safety goes, I don’t think that was a factor of not placing on University property.”

Research Note: 

No documents from the October 10, 2012 Penn State presentation to Mayor Elizabeth Goreham have been released yet: no record of public notice provided to the Centre Daily Times for advance publication, no record of when or where the meeting took place, no agenda, no minutes, no record of attendees, and no record of information presented. The evidence that the meeting occurred comes from email correspondence October 11 between Mayor Goreham and PSU-OPP representatives (archived at the “Right-to-Know” page)

The state and federal legislators may have attended the same October 10 meeting, or Penn State OPP representatives may have done two presentations right around October 10: one for Mayor Goreham, and one for state and federal representatives.


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