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Press Release: Borough Response to Columbia Gas Letter

Released this evening – 5.3.13 Borough Statement on CG Letter:

“The Borough of State College has received a request for review under Ordinance No.1960 from the law firm of McGuire Woods LLP on behalf of Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania regarding the action taken by the Borough in not approving the right-of-way permit for the installation of a natural gas pipeline through residential neighborhoods in the Borough. Council will review the information provided with the Borough Solicitor in the coming weeks.

No discussion or actions regarding the steps taken by the Borough to not approve the right-of-way permit or in response to the letter will occur at the Council meeting scheduled for May 6.

The Borough remains committed to the position it has taken to not approve the right-of-way permit for the installation of a natural gas pipeline, which would require construction along Bellaire Avenue, University Drive, Prospect Avenue and Burrowes Street, as noted in the letter dated April 11, 2013 notifying Columbia Gas that the permit would not be issued pursuant to Council Resolution No. 1085, adopted on April 1, 2013. The Borough took this position in response to overwhelming concern expressed by residents of the Borough as to their health and safety and in accordance with Pennsylvania laws allowing municipalities to impose reasonable restrictions on right-of-way projects which may threaten the health and safety of citizens.

Given the potential threat of future litigation, the Council and staff will provide no further comment on this matter. Council and staff understand that the public is extremely concerned about the natural gas pipeline. Concerns about safety and the need for transparency in decisions that affect the health, safety and welfare of the community have been heard by Council, and the Borough is fully committed to defending its position in not permitting this pipeline installation through residential neighborhoods.”


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