Energy Sovereignty

Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Sarah Klinetob’s Good Idea

10.26.12 Sarah Klinetob Email to Mark Whitfield regarding Community Energy Inventory for State College:

“Great speaking with you yesterday at the gas line information session. It is a complex issue, but I am glad to hear that you have been involved in helping to reduce its impact.

It has reminded me of something I have been thinking about for several years now – a community energy inventory – and was wondering how useful you think something like this would be.

Here is an example from Salem, Oregon and a document that generally outlines how one would conduct such a study.

It would seem as if a good portion of the data could be obtained from the local utilities (as opposed to going door to door), that it would provide a tangible baseline for our sustainability goals, as well as be a useful educational tool for residents.

What do you think? Has something like this been proposed in the past?”


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