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Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Johan Zwart Letter to Ford Stryker – May 15, 2013

5.15.13 Zwart Letter to Stryker

(Ford Stryker is the PSU VP for Physical Plant; Johan Zwart is a Highlands resident and an engineer.)


“Although we have no objection to the use of the existing natural gas line for fuel delivery, it would be against current safety principles to operate the full power plant on natural gas in a downtown setting with such close proximity to residential areas. Historically coal might have been acceptable, but it is not so by current standards. Natural gas is highly explosive, and it would only take one accident to prove it to be a wrong choice. The fertilizer plant that recently blew up in Texas is a good example of what can go wrong with operating a large scale industrial facility in a downtown area. An explosion at the West Side Power Plant would potentially result in similar or maybe even more casualties and damage.

Accidents happen no matter how good the precautions are. The best prevention is not to create the scenario to begin with.


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