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Residents File Intervention on June 12, 2013

Yesterday, Johan Zwart and Smita Bharti filed a Notice of Intervention in the Columbia Gas lawsuit against the Borough of State College. With their attorney – Jordan Yeager of Doylestown – they argued:

  • 4. To the extent that [Columbia Gas] is attempting to pursue a land use appeal pursuant to the Municipalities Planning Code, each Intervenor has a right to intervene as of course under Section 1004-A of the [MPC].
  • 5. Section 1004-A states…any owner or tenant of property directly involved in the action appealed from may intervene…”
  • 8. Any determination to allow the project that is the subject of this [Columbia Gas] Appeal [of the Borough’s permit non-approval] to proceed would be detrimental and adverse to Intervenors as it would cause substantial injuries, including, without limitation: diminished property value and substantially increased risks to health and safety of Intervenors…

Notice of Intervention Documents:


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