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Tight Leash – June 26, 2013

Following up on the issue of whether Penn State employees control the flow of information to Penn State’s governing board

After I wrote two emails to, Thomas Poole responded:

“As Vice President for Administration I help President Erickson and the Board of Trustees respond to emails and important issues. Thank you for your email and for taking the time to share the article from The Guardian.  We respect your comments and views on this matter. I’ll be sure the Board leadership sees your note. Thanks again for writing.” (6.24.13 Poole Email)

I asked:

“Curious – does your office screen all email messages sent to before sending selected messages on to some or all of the trustees, or are all messages sent to automatically forwarded to the individual addresses of all the trustees?”

Mr. Poole answered:

“Thank you for your additional note. Our standard practice is to share communication with the Chairman of the Board and the appropriate Committee Chair under whose purview the matter may fall. Given the volume of communication received, we believe this to be the most efficient way of disseminating the information.” (6.26.13 Poole Email)

I’m currently working on an email contact list for the PSU Board of Trustees, to enable public communication with Penn State’s governing board, independent of whether university administrators approve of the content.

UPDATE 7.11.13


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