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Pipeline News – July 8, 2013


None at the municipal level as far as I know. DEP is still collecting comments on TVOP 14-00003. Penn State published notices about the TVOP in the Centre Daily Times on June 30, July 1 and July 2.

The PSU Board of Trustees meets Friday, July 12 in Lemont Furnace PA (southwest corner of the state). Agenda. This is the meeting at which Office of Physical Plant staff will present information about on-campus pipeline routes for Board consideration. If you’d like to send a letter to the trustees this week, here’s a mailing list for the group as of July 2013. 7.1.13 – PSU BOT Mailing List


To my knowledge, the Columbia Gas v. Borough of State College lawsuit is still on hold pending the outcome of the Board of Trustees meeting.

In the meantime, residents have been organizing their intervention in the lawsuit, if and when it proceeds.

Smita Bharti – July 2

“In my last email I mentioned that we had engaged Jordan Yeager to intervene in the lawsuit filed by Columbia Gas against the Borough. This is to make sure that our voice is adequately heard in case this lawsuit does go to court. Hopefully the northern pipeline route is selected as the best choice for all parties and this lawsuit does not go to court.

In case it does, some neighbors are signing on as interveners so that we go in court as a community. If you would like to join us in the lawsuit, please send me a private email. At this moment we are working to get the group together. We have asked the lawyer to write an agreement so that neighbors entering the lawsuit do not feel that they will be sent the lawyer’s bill.

Also, I wanted to thank Peg Hambrick for making a contribution towards the lawsuit. Thanks, Peg and Don!
I also wanted to request neighbors that if you hear of any new progress related to this case such as new paperwork filed, digging anywhere or anything else that you hear via grapevine, please keep the group informed.”

Smita Bharti – July 7

“Thanks to all the neighbors who took the time to talk with us in the last couple of days and sign on our intervention in the Columbia Gas vs Borough lawsuit. At this moment about 24 neighbors along the original pipeline route have signed on. Janet and I missed some of you for various reasons; no one was home, and then the thunderstorm sabotaged our efforts.

If you would like to join us and sign as well, please call or email me and I can give you more information. We need to send the document in by Tuesday.”


Dave Stone has dug up some information about Penn State’s greenhouse gas emissions through the US-EPA website, including two 2006 documents written by Brandi Nagle (now Brandi Robinson) and a 2013 presentation.

We’re also awaiting a mid-July decision by the PA Office of Open Records about the Right-to-Know request filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission on May 3 and denied in part by the PUC on June 5.


No new coverage since mid-June, as far as I know.


US Senator John Tester recently introduced a proposed Constitutional amendment to limit Constiutional rights to natural persons, stripping those rights from corporations at the federal level as the State College Community Bill of Rights does at the local level. Tester Amendment text.


Here’s a one-page summary of proposed energy sovereignty legislation to lay out the community responsibilities that come with the Community Bill of Rights. I’ll be finishing a draft-proposal this week and sending it to Borough Manager Tom Fountaine.



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