Energy Sovereignty

Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Make It Do or Do Without – July 11, 2013

Latest from John Michael Greer:

“…any belief about the future that encourages people to sit on their backsides and do nothing but consume scarce resources, when there’s a huge amount that could be done to make the future a better place and a grave shortage of people doing it, is a luxury this age of the world can’t afford…

…all the many methods of reality testing we’ve evolved down through the millennia, from the most basic integration of sense inputs hardwired into the human brain right on up to the subtleties of propositional logic and the experimental method, share one central flaw. None of them will work if their messages are ignored—and that’s what’s going on right now…”

Email sent to the Board of Trustees this morning – 7.11.13 Email to PSU BOT:

“…Drastically reducing campus energy consumption is a difficult task that will require real sacrifices of convenience for students, faculty and staff. To highlight one example, a 2006 greenhouse gas emissions report by Brandi Nagle noted that campus energy consumption dramatically increased during the 1990s and early 2000s as students and faculty adopted on-demand use habits for computer and cell phone technologies. It is possible, albeit painful, to provide an excellent educational experience for students while reversing those trends and limiting use and recharging of electronic devices. Less than 20 years ago, I got a good education here at Penn State without laptops or cellphones…”

In other words, actually cutting energy consumption and emissions at the University Park campus means moving stepwise down the gradient toward the absolute energy amount used in 1990, and then 1980, and then 1970, and as far back as it takes until we reach an equilibrium between the size and scope of the university and the energy available at a sustainable economic and ecological cost.



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