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“Our Energy Future” – Penn State OPP Presentation and Q &A – September 12

(From Alex Novak, Communications Director for the Office of Physical Plant and the Sustainability Institute)

“Our Energy Future: A Long-Term Commitment to Reduced Consumption and Emissions 2013-2050” (previously scheduled for September 4) will instead be held Thursday, September 12, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the HUB Auditorium on the Penn State University Park campus.

Originally, I scheduled and announced the public meeting in the July 12 press release about the pipeline that followed the last Board of Trustees meeting. OPP and Sustainability Institute leaders wanted to talk about the new pipeline route, but we also wanted to encourage the dialogue community members have been advocating all along: to share in the planning for our energy future.

I thought that the Sustainability Institute could moderate the September 12 event. Once this idea was discussed further, we realized there was a greater need for general education about our current energy usage, our compliance requirements, etc. than could fit into a portion of a larger meeting.

So the purpose of the September 12 meeting will be to talk about how we got to this place and how we are going to reach 2016 MACT compliance. Rob Cooper and Paul Moser will be the primary speakers for approximately an hour, and then we will have an hour of questions and answers in the style of the National Press Club sessions, which will be moderated.

Obviously, we are anticipating a number of questions, and everything will not be answered in one hour. I have proposed posting ALL of the questions and comments on the Sustainability Institute  website along with responses and areas for comment.

We will also shortly be scheduling a follow-up meeting that will be the first of several follow-up meetings where we talk about 2016 and beyond. The followup meetings will be in dialogue format and will be hosted by the Sustainability Institute. I believe the first of these meetings will take place two or three weeks after the September 12 meeting, but it has not been scheduled yet.


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