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Steadying the Three-Legged Table – August 25, 2013

[This will be the last post at State College Energy Sovereignty for a while; I’m taking time off to recover from burnout.]


Smita Bharti recently submitted paperwork to form a nonprofit organization – called CommunityWise – mainly to handle the money that’s been donated to the Stop the Pipeline project from Highlands neighbors. She’s hoping to use the organization as a mechanism to give a new and strong voice to residents during municipal decision-making on issues like the Downtown Master Plan and other high-impact programs – providing a stabilizing fourth leg on the table whose other three legs include:

Smita also has a friend who was part of the Tin Mountain Renewable Energy Initiative, modeled on the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative, a program based in Plymouth New Hampshire. Smita writes: “It would be fun to start this here in State College, and perhaps partner with the Transition Town State College people to see where they stand.”

OCTOBER 18 – 21 – Major Youth Climate Conference in Pittsburgh

Powershift 2013 is being held in Pittsburgh, PA October 18-21. Powershift is a large (10,000+) youth climate conference that brings in activists from around the country.



House Bill 61 – to extend the provisions of the state open public records law to state-related universities (including Penn State) was tabled by the state House on June 17, 2013.

Also, here’s the final determination on the Right to Know appeal I filed with the Office of Open Records regarding public access to PUC project review documents. It’s quite dull – just legal language for “No, you can’t read the documents, because we said so.”

Earlier filings:

MAINSTREAM – Penn State’s Sustainability E-Newsletter

What do the spray-painted markings on the street mean?

Since residents are now alert to indications of impending street work, here’s a list of what the different spray paint colors mean (courtesy of Theresa Lafer via the Highlands Civic Association list-serve):

  • Blue = drinking water lines
  • Yellow = gas, oil, steam
  • Red = electric power lines, cables
  • Green = sewer and drain Lines
  • Orange = communication, alarm, signal lines
  • White = proposed excavation

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