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EPA Comments – July 8, 2013

Referenced in David Stone’s EPA Petition [9.27.13 Stone EPA Petition]

  • 7.8.13 EPA Comments –  Prepared by Gerallyn Duke, Office of Permits and Air Toxics 3, AP10


EPA Comments on Proposed Title V Renewal Permit 14-00003 For Pennsylvania State University,

Pennsylvania State University, University Park Campus is currently a major source of emissions of NOx, SOx, PM, PM10, PM2.5, CO, HAPs, and GHGs.  Significant emissions units include:

  • West Campus boilers, currently running primarily on coal; particulate emissions from these boilers are controlled with a fabric filter that exhausts to a common stack.  These are expected to be replaced, along with other planned changes, with dual-fuel (natural gas with #2 fuel oil as backup) boilers, after which the facility will no longer be major for PM and HAPs.
  • Materials handling units associated with the above coal-fired boilers.
  • A combined heat and power combustion turbine, equipped with a duct burner, fueled with oil and natural gas, and capable of producing 6,800 kW of electricity.
  • A hospital/medical /infectious waste incinerator rated at 500 pounds waste input per hour which is equipped with a wet scrubber to control SO2 emissions.
  • East Campus Steam boilers, fueled with oil and natural gas, no controls.
  • One <10 MMBtu/hr coal-fired boiler, no controls.
  • Numerous emergency generators and emergency engines….

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