Energy Sovereignty

Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Steady State College – January 6, 2014 Edition

1.6.14 Steady State College (PDF) – A few print copies are available each week at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe, in the shadowbox on the ramp. Donations appreciated.

Calendar Highlight:

Jan. 6 – Feb. 24 – “Energy, the Environment and Our Future” Join internationally-acclaimed researcher and award-winning educator Richard Alley in an eight-week online course exploring of the role of energy in our environment and our future. (More info online.)

Energy use has done great good for humans by giving those in the developed world the equivalent of 100 energy “serfs” to do our bidding, making up roughly 10% of the economy, and powering most of the economy. However, the unintended consequences of energy use are affecting people around the world and changing the climate in ways that will make life much harder. Numerous options exist for development of a sustainable energy system that provides a stronger economy, more jobs, and greater security that is more consistent with ethical principles. Course Syllabus (subject to change) includes:

  • Sustainability: Why Energy Matters (and Money);
  • What is Energy—Units and Such;
  • What we use, and how much good it does;
  • Oil, Coal and Natural Gas, Drilling and Fracking and Reserves;
  • Global Warming I—Physics;
  • Global Warming II—History and Impacts;
  • Options: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Waves, Tides, Nukes, Conservation, Geo-Engineering;
  • Economics;
  • Policy Options;
  • Ethical issues

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