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Personal Transitions – Note to Readers

I’m in the process of changing some time and energy priorities and wanted to give readers a heads-up.

Spring Creek Homesteading Fund

I’ll be resigning as treasurer and program director for Spring Creek Homesteading effective May 15, just after the May 10 Backyard Laying Hens workshop with Leslie Pillen.

We have a few small grants in the works, and Board President Joshua Lambert is coordinating the homesteading workshop series at the Third Annual PCO FarmFest August 2, to include Enjoying Backyard Honeybees with Sylvia Feldman, Fermentation for Food Preservation with Scott DiLoreto, Cold Frames to Extend Your Gardening Season with Josh Lambert, and Basic Composting with Alexa Schriempf. I’ll provide more information about the future direction of the organization when it becomes available.

Friends & Farmers Cooperative

Friends & Farmers Cooperative currently has about 125 member-owners signed up and they’ve collectively made a capital investment of just over $30,000 so far. When we reach 250 member-owners, new board elections are triggered by the by-laws, and I won’t be running for another term as board treasurer.

I’m currently working on insurance, online payment systems and other financial issues, and drafting a summary of the treasurer responsibilities as I’ve learned them since December via crash course in self-taught bookkeeping and financial reporting – to hopefully make it easier for the next treasurer to get up to speed.

Steady State College & Other Writing & Editing – Downshifting to Slow News

After the April 28 edition, Steady State College will no longer be published in an online version, but only in a print version – printed via computer printer for the next 6-12 months, and printed on the hand-powered printing press from then on.

The print version will be available at locations still to be determined – possibly farmers’ markets and local-focused businesses. It will also be available at a distribution box at my house (50 cents per copy), and by mail-order ($25 for an annual subscription of 24 to 26 issues each year mailed to subscribers’ home or business addresses).

Some of the content may be reformatted and published monthly in Voices of Central PA – still working out the details of that arrangement with Voices editor Sean Flynn. I’m also writing a book.

I plan to sharply curtail my Internet use, with a goal of only checking emails once a week on Monday mornings, and will primarily gather information through public and private meetings, in-person and phone conversations with friends and colleagues, and document collection. Social networking – my efforts to link cool people and their good projects to other cool people with similarly good projects – will also be going mostly off-line.

Paralegal Work

I haven’t had a paid job since 2005 – due to both the high cost of child care and my intense preoccupation with the urgency of post-carbon writing and community organizing. My children are now older and post-carbon/economic contraction planning seems to be on the verge of going mainstream, so I’d like to re-enter the paid workforce. I’m looking for 15 to 20 hours per week of paralegal work at $15 to $20 per hour. Primary litigation support skills include document analysis and legal research and writing; primary experience has been in environmental, civil rights, Constitutional, employment, ERISA and family law.


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