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Penn State Researchers Submitting $15 Million Community Shared Solar Grant Proposal

(From Sarah Klinetob Lowe, State College Borough Council Member)

Researchers at Penn State will be submitting a proposal for the Department of Energy’s $15 million grant “to help communities develop multi-year solar plans to install affordable solar electricity for homes and businesses.”

The project will be on the agenda at this Wednesday’s meeting of the Centre Region Council of Governments Public Services & Environment Committee. 8:30 a.m. at 2643 Gateway Drive.

Applicants include faculty from the College of Engineering, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and staff at Office of Physical Plant. If the grant is successfully funded, it could complement the Georgetown University Energy Prize, because the Department of Energy grant funds must be used specifically for planning and program development, rather than directly funding the solar photovoltaics deployment.

Dr. Jeffrey Brownson from the Earth and Mineral Sciences College will be at Wednesday’s meeting. He recommends reading the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 2010 Guide to Community Shared Solar for more information; the guide summarizes the methods and motivations for developing community solar projects. Hopefully the reading will provide a good shared overview and context for continuing the community conversation on this topic.


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