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Archives from the Stop the PSU Pipeline Campaign and the early days of CITY-GREEN

Steady State College – May 12, 2014 Edition

The May 12 edition of Steady State College has gone to the printer, but will not be published online.

Contents include the calendar of events, reports on Happy Valley Timebank, community gardening, Fossil Free PSU student organizing, CITY-GREEN community organizing, and the ongoing farcical madcap pursuit of Penn State’s Energy System Master Plan.

newsstandWant to get a copy?

SINGLE COPIES – If you see me walking around town, you can purchase single copies from my bright red Itinerant Newsstand bag. For the month of May, the introductory price is $1 per copy. After June 1, the price will be $2 per copy.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS – If you would like home delivery, you can order a subscription. For the month of May, the introductory price is $25 per year (24-26 issues). After June 1, the home delivery subscription price will be $40 per year. To order, send your address and a check to Katherine Watt, 156 West Hamilton Ave., State College PA 16801.

AUTHORIZED RESELLERS – If you would like to offer copies to your customers, you can purchase copies to resell (increments of five) and sell them at your business, farmers market vendor table, church or other public location. I’ll deliver the copies and buy back any unsold copies when I deliver the next edition.


A bunch of reasons.

  1. Less screen time: good.
  2. More person-to-person interaction: good.
  3. Non-digital historical records: durable and portable.
  4. Net neutrality: endangered. Result: slower loading speeds for small free websites like blogs.
  5. Gathering, formatting and publishing local food, energy, democracy, skill-building and investment: hard work. (My goal: 150 single copy sales/paid subscribers per issue by October 30, 2014)
  6. Less community dependence on complex technology and fragile utility grid for news and information distribution: more resilient community.
  7. John Michael Greer’s advice to “Collapse now and avoid the rush:” makes sense to me.

Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush:

“…The way to avoid the rush is simple enough:  figure out how you will be able to live after the next wave of crisis hits, and to the extent that you can, start living that way now. If you’re worried about the long-term prospects for your job — and you probably should be, no matter what you do for a living — now is the time to figure out how you will get by if the job goes away and you have to make do on much less money. For most people, that means getting out of debt, making sure the place you live costs you much less than you can afford, and picking up some practical skills that will allow you to meet some of your own needs and have opportunities for barter and informal employment.  It can mean quite a bit more, depending on your situation, needs, and existing skills.  It should certainly involve spending less money— and that money, once it isn’t needed to pay off any debts you have, can go to weatherizing your home and making other sensible preparations that will make life easier for you later on…”


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